We are a full service company specializing in customized commercial, industrial and residential lighting installation and maintenance. In addition, we provide many types of specialty lighting and products at a low cost to you.

Save Time

Your time is best spent running your business, not changing your facilities light bulbs or concerning yourself with the liabilities of having your employees climb the ladder. Leave the light bulb changing to us. We will keep your business well lit and looking good.

Indoor & Outdoor

We service both interior and exterior lighting. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians can utilize our bucket truck to safely reach all types of lights (metal halide, high pressure sodium lamps, neon, etc.) located as high as 60 feet off the ground for repair and replacement.

Keep the Lights On!

Burned out lights reflect poorly upon business' reputation. A lack of properly maintained security lighting is a distraction and safety concern to customers and employees alike. Burned out lights increase the potential liability of accident or crime on your commercial and/or residential property. Don't take the risk ..... Keep your lights ON!!

Our Customer Love Us

Read the reviews of some of our Customers.

"We at Rock Springs appreciate your promptness and reliability you have always provided. Thanks much."

Rich Robles VP of Rock Springs Vista #9 HOA

I just want to say you guys are the BEST...You always seem to have what we need. Your guys are really friendly and really know their stuff....Thank you for always providing top notch customer service.

Thanks, Stout Management Company

I have spoken very highly of Lighting Services, but more importantly our maintenance techs have also said good things about the work they've seen done.